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What Is the Appeal of a Curved Digital Sign?

KGM Gaming Curved Digital Sign

The casino floor is a place like no other. There are an array of colors, lights, and sounds that can draw your attention to any which way. There is no shortage of things to do on the casino floor, which is great for guests, but can be challenging for advertisers and floor designers who are trying to maximize the casino’s space while also attracting attention. Curved digital displays are one trend in casino signage that is enabling them to reach these goals.

KGM Gaming has worked with NanoLumens on a number of projects to add curved digital displays to existing casino infrastructure. KGM Gaming chose to partner with NanoLumens because it is doing things with curved display technology that can’t be found anywhere. Its patented technology, Nixel™, allows for both convex and concave curves and bends with the curvature of the display, creating a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

Why Curved?

Curved displays provide viewers with a wider field of vision, which creates a more immersive experience. In addition to that, curved displays prevent any glare from ambient light that may be found on the casino. Some floor designers will attempt to create a similar immersive experience by using multiple flat screens at an angle, which quite simply does not replicate what a curved display can do. NanoLumens displays enable casinos and advertisers to run any form of advertising, including videos and ads, in full color, which is a must if you are trying to draw attention on the casino floor.

In addition to that, NanoLumens offers a new way to advertise and inform guests that go beyond large entrance and wall displays typically away from the gaming area and the action: slot toppers. KGM Gaming researched and designed slot toppers that utilized NanoLumens’ curved 360 degree displays to run bright and engaging promos and advertisements at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT and the Four Winds Casino in South Bend, IN.

The displays were designed to offer sharp, bright content that would draw the attention of the many eyeballs that were looking to play a slot or table game on the floor. These displays were not only used for advertising, but also to provide guests with directions on where to find the nearest ATM and other commonly searched parts of the casino. As the displays can be seen from a long distance away and from most angles, they are the perfect addition for casinos in need of dynamic and effective digital signage.

For more information on these and other possibilities in digital signage, please contact us today at 215-430-0388.

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