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What Do Today’s Gamers Expect from Your Casino?


Casinos are in a unique, but exciting position today to reach a growing audience of gamblers who have more options than ever before. To reach this goal, casinos cannot remain static and must be willing to slightly alter how they strategize. Therefore, casino executives may have to adjust operations, marketing, and other strategies to ensure they can reach an audience that is more sophisticated with electronics, values social interaction, and wants an immersive, relaxing experience that transcends just simply gambling.


Are casino executives up for the challenge? Those that are will be the most able to bring more people in their doors and drive new revenue streams. Those that don't may be more likely to fold to a better hand. KGM Gaming can help casinos align their services with the expectations of today's gamblers through a series of different products aimed at enhancing experience and producing an immersive social environment.


Best in Class Electronic and Online Gaming with a Social Component


KGM Gaming is proud to be the exclusive United States manufacturer and distributer of Alfastreet electronic table games. Alfastreet, a Slovenia-based company, has been a pioneer in leveraging technology to build on classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and craps. Furthermore, late in 2015, KGM Gaming partnered with Alfastreet and Score Gaming out of California to bring the first Royal Derby interactive horse racing electronic game to North America.  New and seasoned gamblers have responded very well to these electronic table games as they are multi-player, creating social engagement, and facilitate sensory sensations that are not viable with regular table games.


In addition to our partnership with Alfastreet, KGM Gaming is proud to offer KGM CONNECT, which creates immersive and interactive gaming environments that appeal to land-based and online gamers who want to socialize as much as they want to play. KGM CONNECT combines the best in online games, touch-based technologies, custom messaging, and high-definition wall panels with ergonomic, aesthetically-pleasing furniture to generate a unique gaming environment that invites people to stay and socialize.


Finally, casino operators can appeal to old and new casino audiences by upgrading classics. KGM is proud to offer slot bases of the highest craftsmanship that utilize LED technology and best practices in digital signage to increase engagement and interaction. Our slot bases can be customized to fit your casino floor's theme and enhance its overall look and feel. By adding upgrades here and there to traditional crowd-pleasers, casino operators can attract a broad population of land-based and online gamblers of all ages.


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