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What Attracts High Limit Slots Players to Particular Rooms?

High limit slots offer players with a premium budget the opportunity to make more money as they play. They may risk more, but the potential reward entices those with the money to bet big. In most high limit slot rooms, a casino customer can play on $10 machines, $25 machines, $100 machines, or even higher. In general, high limit slot rooms appeal to players who enjoy playing for higher stakes in a luxury setting.

What Can a Casino Do to Attract Players to Its High Limit Slots Room?

First and foremost, players who come to a casino are looking to win. Because a $100 slot machine takes up as much space as a 1¢ slot machine, casinos can offer a higher payout percentage on high limit slots as the player is making a larger bet. High limit slot players will always look for the slots that payout the most when determining where to play.

However, there are other amenities and perks that can attract premium level players as well. Many high limit rooms offer players their own exclusive restrooms and cage windows for their convenience. They generally tend to provide players with attentive service, access to a private salon and full-service bar, and exclusive perks and rewards.

In addition to that, casinos attract players to their high limit rooms by installing slot machines that look good and create the most exciting playing environment possible. At KGM Gaming, for example, we produce casino slot machine bases that feature the highest level of craftsmanship and innovation. Our slot machine bases can be customized to meet the individual style and needs of a particular high limit room.

We also cannot underscore the importance of comfortable slot machine chairs. The longer a player sits down at a slot machine, the more money a casino can make – no matter the amount of the bet. If a player feels back pain from sitting at a machine, it’s very likely he or she will move on. We understand casinos want to create a relaxing, comfortable experience for their guests, which is why we offer ergonomic casino seating that is ANSI/BIFMA certified. Again, we can customize casino seating to ensure it fits and adds to the style of a particular room.

Contact us today at 215-430-0388 to learn more about our slot seating and bases options as well as other products we offer to help casinos attract and retain guests.

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