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What Are Some Basic Practices for Casino Digital Signage Design?

At KGM Gaming, we understand that your casino is trying to create a unique environment that is welcoming and exciting. Digital signage provides casinos with an opportunity to not only add life to their casino floor, but provide guests with key information about upcoming events, gaming promotions, and more.

We have designed casino signage for exterior and interior applications that encompass the latest technologies and design schemes to add aesthetic value without being an eyesore. We want to help you create a world in your casino that won’t be found anywhere else because lighting and signage are some of the factors that will keep players on the floor.

Depending on your needs, the size and layout of your casino floor, and budget, we can offer a number of signage solutions. We specialize in a variety of casino digital signage, including LED reader boards, slot and gaming signage, interior and exterior wayfinding, and much more. We can also custom design graphics, logos, and other content to meet your content and branding guidelines. When it comes to customization, there is no option left off the table.


What Should You Know about Digital Signage?

Although there is really no limit to how digital signage can be designed, there are some tried and true best practices that should be considered. The goal is to create energy and exhilaration but to not go over the top or be overly confusing.

For example, many digital signage content strategists like to go by a 3x5 rule, which is certainly applicable for some casino digital signage with LED reader boards. The idea is to have three lines of text with five words or five lines of text with three words so the person seeing it isn’t overburdened with content. The text should be as large as possible to ensure anyone viewing it can read it.

Another signage to consider is resolution. Digital signage is usually in widescreen format, which is 16.9 aspect ratio. The image resolution then is 1920x1080. However, if the signage is in a portrait format, the image resolution would then be 1080x1920, but again it is very rare.

Finally, regarding color, bright colors are perfectly fine and can attract a viewer’s attention and accentuate the floor’s design scheme. However, too many colors may be distracting and reduce the clarity of the message. It’s important to make sure that color is used to enhance messaging and guide the eye to where you would like it to go.

For more information about our work and experience with casino digital signage, please contact us today at 215-430-0388.

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