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Slot Bases by KGM Gaming


Looking for new, innovative slot machines that will add that needed spice to your casino floor? Then you've come to the right place. Here at KGM we have taken the evolution of technology and turned it into casino slot machine innovation that will enthrall and excite your players. We produce all of our casino slot machine bases with the highest level of craftsmanship possible. We will take your imagination and thoughts and help make them a reality for you and players to enjoy. With LED reader boards to our innovative slot signage, you're sure to have a casino which keeps players attention and interacts with them on a whole new scale. Attracting new players and retaining older players requires refreshing your casino from time to time in order to enliven the special atmosphere you hope to obtain.


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Features & Benefits

  1. Traditional flat front & comfort foot rest styles
  2. Metal, wood or combination wood & metal hybrid construction
  3. Durable laminate & powder coated finishes
  4. Available universal game mount system
  5. High quality construction & superior internal access
  6. Fully customizable dimensions & features
  7. Optional locking controller compartment
  8. Optional router / switch shelf
  9. All types of carousel configurations with walls or purse guards & top decks
  10. Custom decorative end panels allow for easy floor reconfiguration
  11. Custom wood & laminate Comfort Base
  12. Thermal formed end panel with LED backlit logo
  13. Solid wood end panel with cast bronze “L” logo & trim work
  14. Decorative wall covering insert
  15. Continuous wrapping 3” bull nose and finished end panels

If you have more questions about our casino slot machines or casino slot machine bases do not hesitate to contact us and ask questions. We are here to help you create the most exciting casino environment possible. Many players who enjoy going to casinos in person point out that a major draw for them is the feeling of being in a different world that is disconnected from reality. If parts of your casino become too outdated or are rundown, this can break that illusion that you want to obtain. To contact our sales department, compliance department, or for general information about our casino slot machine bases, please click here. To reach us in person on the phone please call 215-430-0388.

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