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Slot Stands, Slot Machine And Gaming Cabinets by KGM Gaming

Innovative Gaming Cabinetry

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The Foundation of Your Success

Known for custom gaming cabinetry, quality materials and strict attention to detail, the name KGM has come to signify the best millwork and base components available. Combining old-world craftsmanship with modern equipment technology, we create foundation pieces that set you apart from the competition. Since our initiation in the early 2000’s, we immediately set out to create new levels in industry standards for casino seating, slot machine & gaming cabinets and more. Since our inception we have already provided our services to countless world-famous casinos throughout America, Canada and the Caribbean. Our dedication to detail has made us a common name. If you have questions about our gaming cabinets or any other services please contact us online here or call at 215-430-0388.

Our manufacturing process gives you maximum flexibility with personalized dimensions, customizable end panels and the ability to reconfigure components to suit the needs of your gaming floor. From custom pit-stands and slot bases to ATM enclosures, greeter podiums, security kiosks, planters, divider walls, ticket redemption centers, furniture and more, KGM’s extensive experience in the gaming industry means you can expect affordable millwork solutions that are both well-designed and well- executed. We have serviced many casinos already and their testimonials have been overwhelmingly positive and glow with the dedication and forward-looking thought we put into our work. Dedication never looked so good.
If you're looking for services besides gaming cabinetry, then check out what else we have to offer: custom seating, interactive gaming, casino signage table games and much more. We also have excellent technical services standing by 24/7 to help you with any problems that should arise.


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