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For all the glitz and glamour that casinos exude, there are just as many bells and whistles going on behind the scenes making it possible. The fact of the matter is that you can’t have one without the other; guests will be drawn to casino by the bright lights and enticing sounds while the infrastructure that runs your equipment must be utterly reliable. In this article from KGM, we’ll run through some of the factors that casinos need to consider when choosing casino equipment suppliers. In short, if you’re working with a company that can provide seats and signage as readily as it can offer troubleshooting and tech support, you’re on the right track.

Window Dressings:

Casinos embrace a wide array of themes – from ancient Rome and the “Wild West” to Mardi Gras and Egypt. It may be hard for some to believe, but those in the casino industry know that picking a company capable of providing varied signage and equipment is essential. We’ll address the former topic first, as signage conveys the brand message. KGM is committed to providing slot signs, LED boards, indoor wayfinding graphics and more. The catch here is this signage needs to mesh with the casino “brand” and the graphic design element here can’t be overlooked. Casinos are about immersion: lose the overarching theme and lose customers as a result.

Filling out the Footprint:

According to LasVegas360.com, three of the top casinos in the city include The Bellagio, Mandalay Bay and Caesars Palace. Notice a trend here? Each embrace a certain theme — total luxury, the South Seas and Rome, respectively — and implement it to the fullest extent. However, the illusion is lost if the electronic gaming devices on your floor don’t match the theme. Again, KGM comes to the aid of casinos everywhere looking for multi-player electronic machines that deliver an immersive experience. Moreover, KGM touts partnerships with Alfastreet Games and Ainsworth Game Technology.

Murphy’s Law:

While technology is continually changing and improving, electronics are still bound to encounter an error or two along the way. The realistic approach would be to adopt Murphy’s law, which dictates that things capable of breaking will indeed eventually break. On top of addressing the aesthetics of a casino, KGM can also provide technical support. This extends to both slot machines and electronic table games so if you’ve partnered with KGM for your floor games, then you can reach out for help when something unexpectedly goes wrong. The same goes for signage and slot base repair so this means you’ll have to devote less internal staff to fixes. 

Taking the long view when it comes to filling out the casino floor can have a huge payoff. When all elements are working in concert, you’ve got a facility that speaks for itself and brings in gamblers by the bus-load. For the reasons outlined above, it makes the most sense to partner with KGM for these needs.