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Interactive Gaming Tables

connect_logo_ribbonConverting brick-and-mortar players into online revenue
Break down the boundaries between your live and internet interactive gaming operations with CONNECT. KGM’s stylish interactive gaming tables fit well in existing lounges and pop-up salons with a design built for your on-property visitors. In a fun and non-threatening way, CONNECT introduces the thrills of playing online to your loyal land-based players, right in your casino.

Taking the mystery out of internet interactive gaming
The immersive CONNECT environment delivers leading-edge online game content through interactive gaming tables and can be installed to work with walls, panels, and kiosks. Players are drawn in and compelled to touch, explore, share and discover a new way to play. In New Jersey, CONNECT visitors can play for fun or wager real money once they are taken through the sign-up process with the help of knowledgeable experts.

Giving you the competitive advantage
One of the most amazing aspects is that every instance of your players’ behavior during their interactive gaming experience is recorded and can be easily accessed. CONNECT features complete data capture solutions. Every touch is reported to a central server so player behaviors can be modelled and predicted. An integrated advertising platform enables you to deliver targeted marketing messages in real time to visitors as they play.

CONNECT is powered by the GEM platform
From out-of-the-box solutions to a completely customized service, flexibility is the name of the game with CONNECT. Ala carte solutions enable you to pick your size, style, software, features and system, from inexpensive single-player units to multi-player experiences that enable tournament play. GEM is capable of supporting all Html5, Flash, Windows and Android applications. CONNECT can adapt to your venue’s current and future printers, bill acceptors, card readers and other hardware, making software upgrades unnecessary. In addition to On-Demand and live TV, KGM can deliver custom TV stations directly to the play table and even include an alert system to integrate with your property’s current system so players can summon assistance, get directions around property, even order food or a drink. Take a look at just a few of KGM’sintegration partners.


CONNECT to cross marketing, player conversion, increased brand engagement and faster expansion to new markets with KGM CONNECT. Contact us today!

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