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image of KGM Connect interactive gaming room


KGM CONNECT brings an immersive and interactive gaming room right into the traditional casino environment. Powered by the GEM platform, KGM CONNECT seamlessly integrates the latest interactive gaming technology with aesthetically-compelling furniture to create gaming lounges and pop-up rooms that captivate audiences and grow your business.
KGM Connect Interactive Gaming


With the surging popularity of online and social gaming, today’s casino operators have the opportunity to tap into new and emerging markets, like interactive gaming and consoles. Forward-thinking casino operators are turning to KGM CONNECT to introduce the endless excitement of online gaming to both traditional land-based players and the next generation of gamers. Going beyond traditional game forms like slot machines, the inviting CONNECT environment delivers leading-edge game and messaging content through touch-enabled tables, walls, panels, and kiosks.
KGM Connect Interactive Gaming Lounge


Building on the advanced marketing technology of the GEM platform, CONNECT enables casino operators to deliver precisely-targeted messaging, advertising and features to players. Share the content you want, where you want it. Create new interactive gaming models and react to market changes as they happen.
Whether delivered turnkey or integrated into existing platforms, there is no limit to CONNECT’S ability to deliver on the imagination and vision of our partners

KGM Connect Interactive Gaming Lounge


By completely redrawing the boundaries of the traditional casino gaming experience, KGM CONNECT serves as a portal, enabling players to interact and engage with your casino in ways never before possible. The inviting interactive gaming lounge setting draws players in and compels them to touch, explore, share and discover an entirely new world of gaming. While they are welcome to play just for fun, players on GEM-powered devices are also able to gamble for real money in the state of New Jersey. Players are even able to fund their online accounts with cash by using a KGM GEM-powered Ascent kiosk. Through cross marketing, player conversion, increased brand engagement and faster expansion to new markets, KGM CONNECT will give your casino the competitive advantage.

PUT US IN PLAY- Online Content Development:

interactive-gamingWhen it comes to pioneering online gaming technology, KGM has emerged as one of the top industry innovators. We offer flexible interactive gaming products to New Jersey’s casino operators including Caesars Entertainment.

By partnering with the world-class game developers and content providers at SpinTM Games, we are positioned to provide all the best online games from an ever-growing portfolio of slot, mega ball, keno, video poker and virtual table game titles. Every game is optimized for mobile and desktop formats in high definition HTML 5.

For more information on our stand-alone or integrated online gaming products, contact us today. The online market is yours for the taking.