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Every successful casino strives to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for their clientele. While that enjoyable experience may not involve a person actually winning while they gamble, the idea is to provide plenty of reasons to stay and play. Many would then point to in-house entertainment options, hotel accommodations and restaurants, but our experts would argue that the true value is in the actual gambling experience. And the formula for a good gambling experience starts and ends with a good seat.

Consider the science of casino gaming seating. A slot machine requires a comfortable seat that someone would be completely comfortable sitting in for hours on end. It also must allow people to utilize a posture that makes reaching the buttons and levers effortless. However, none of that really matters if you can’t present a chair that someone is excited to sit in in the first place. It’s why the attractiveness of the chair from ten feet away is so important. The layout must be inviting and appetizing to people as they walk through the gaming area.

Many aren’t aware that slot machines during the “Rat Pack” era of Las Vegas were designed to be played while standing. One developer decided to manufacture the slots for people would play while sitting just to be different and with a little help from lady luck the casinos started to notice that people played longer when they were sitting. They then took that theory and applied science to it, which is why designers and manufactures alike are now meticulous about their seats. One of the most crucial elements from the design side of the casino seating industry is the quality of the foam in the seat. It must provide the proper lumbar support in order to keep the player comfortable during their gaming experience as well as after. If they were to sit awkwardly for hours and then leave with back pain, they aren’t likely to return.

Modern gaming seating continues to evolve through technology. While standard slot games require more standard seating, games that incorporate pop culture or other bells and whistles often differentiate themselves through their seating. Chairs can come with subwoofers, speakers, shakers and backlit displays. These games look to immerse the gamer in a world that is completely separate from every other machine on the casino floor.

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