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Gaming on the Next Level

People have been worried about Atlantic City because of recent casino closings but the rumors of the city's casino industry's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The Resorts Casino Hotel in conjunction with KGM Gaming and SOSH Architects have created a whole new gaming environment that will revolutionize casinos. SOSH Architects took an old lounge at the casino and worked with KGM Gaming to create an interactive immersive gaming lounge with the first launch of KGM's KGM CONNECT™. This lounge will bring land-based players and future generations of games into the world of online casino gaming.

The KGM CONNECT™ system is powered by the GEM platform and it turns a room into an interactive gaming lounge into a traditional casino environment. It does this by integrating the gaming technology with the surrounding furniture and aesthetics of the room. The system allows players to play games just for fun or to gamble for real money. A kiosk at the front of the room lets players set up their account for gambling and allows them to get started quickly and easily. The KGM CONNECT™ will allow casino owners to switch which games are available and change a host of other variables. This means the casino owner can adapt to market changes on the fly without hassle. Special advertising and other messages can also be broadcast here allowing casino owners to control exactly what they want the customer to see.

Table_loungeThese lounges will have interactive touch screen tables, walls with screens and luxurious gaming seating allowing players to sit in comfort and ease while having the time of their lives as they play the online games and gamble.   This lets players sit and play together more easily than ever before allowing them to enjoy each other's excitement and company.  This special lounge is great for getting players into the online casino gaming world too.  Whether it's an older player who has never played online or a new player gambling for the first time in their life – all of them will now know how much fun and how easy to gamble online is.



By engaging players in the casino with KGM CONNECT™ and letting them experience the thrill of online gambling it helps promote the casino even after the player has left.  Now that the player has an online account set up and enjoys the game they can access the game and their account anytime they want while in New Jersey.  This will be a major bonus to casinos such as the Resorts Casino Hotel in terms of advertising and name recognition.  The future of gaming is undoubtedly going to involve being online more and more.  Any casino looking to gain that competitive edge should consider this amazing interactive gaming lounge.

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