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Eco-Friendly Casino Signage: Reasons to Get in on the Action!

Green initiatives have been quietly working their way into businesses for a few years now, and casinos are no exception. Often, eco-friendly innovations offer cost savings for companies, and the good press that they get doesn't hurt either. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen, 55% of consumers worldwide say they would pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to social and environmental consciousness. In other words, more people will come to your casino if they know that you are doing your part.

One way that many casinos have been minimizing their environmental impact is by adopting eco-friendly lighted signage. These signs have many advantages over the traditional variety, and casinos have started converting or retrofitting their signs to be part of the new movement. Here are some of the environmental advantages offered by green casino signage:

red and blue lighted "casino" sign

They use less energy

Many casinos that are trying to reduce their power usage and be greener have adopted LED lights for their establishments. These lights are known for the fact that they require less energy to run and last a good deal longer than their older counterparts. In addition, they run cooler than fluorescents and do not require a cooling mechanism – yet another way that they save power.

The materials can be reused

Many casinos are also investing in signage that uses more recycled materials. Since technology is one of the biggest polluters out there, anything that you can reuse to create your signs keeps more trash out of landfills and our oceans. Also, more and more casinos are seeking out ways to dispose of old signs responsibly, meaning that your sign could also have a useful second or third life after you are done with it.

They can be powered by solar or wind

Cutting the amount of energy that you use is helpful; however, your power company may utilize less-than-clean methods to source its supply, and you are paying them to do it. One good way to reduce your dependence on them is to hook up your signs to a solar- or wind-powered system. Generating your own energy cuts your bills and uses clean power, but still gives you access to the grid in case you don't produce enough for complete energy independence.

At KGM, we can create beautiful casino signage that will satisfy all of your needs and help you go green! Contact us today to talk to one of our representatives about your options.

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