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Contact Us KGM Gaming

Thank you for your interest in KGM Gaming. At KGM Gaming we are proud to produce the best casino seating, casino signage, millwork and more in the industry. We have experts in every field of the casino business and have proven time and again to numerous casinos are expert capabilities. Below is the contact information for all of our offices. Please call us during regular business hours to have any of your questions answered.

Also, you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

KGM Offices


KGM Philadelphia- Headquarters
4250 Wissahickon Ave
Philadelphia,PA 19129


KGM Pleasantville
204 Cambria Avenue Suite C
Pleasantville, NJ 08232


For General Information
Phone: 215-430-0388
Fax: 866-621-7117
EMail: info@kgmgaming.com


Sales Department
For Sales Information on all of our products
Phone: 215-430-0388
email: kgmsales@kgmgaming.com


Compliance Department
For Par Sheets, Art Releases
Phone: 215-430-0388
Email: compliance@kgmgaming.com


Technical Services Department
For all service Inquiries or Scheduling
Phone: 1-866-506-3966
Email: kgmservice@kgmgaming.com


Public Relations & Marketing
For all media inquiries or advertising needs
Phone: 609-840-6173
Email: publicrelations@kgmgaming.com