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If there’s one way to measure the success of a casino, restaurant or other hospitality industry destination, duration of a guest’s stay is a good indicator. A happy customer is one who is going to stay a little longer, spend a bit more money and generally enjoy themselves immensely. These are all goals of every gaming/hospitality establishment – but they are not a given. These businesses need to invest in their offerings and custom seating is a factor to consider.

From comfort and visual appeal to how they match the rest of the surrounding theme, KGM offers a well-established custom seating sector that can take an idea and make it a reality. From design and manufacturing up through installation and maintenance, KGM customers will have a dependable resource. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why casinos, restaurants and other food service businesses can benefit from an investment in their upholstery.

Useful lifespan: Custom seating does not last forever and the more use it sees, the quicker it is going to wear out. According to LivingSpace.com, a fabric seat at home could last up to a dozen years before needing to be replaced. Moreover, a leather chair “can last even three times as long as fabric sofas.” However, this is in the home setting and the use that a leather chair sees at a casino or restaurant is going to be much greater. An 18-inch wood side chair from KGM is typically “oversized” for additional comfort. However, these dimensions can be customized and upholstery is part of that consideration. A leather chair in the casino/eatery setting can better defend itself from spills and other forms of daily wear and tear.

Engaged guests: People who passively play casino games are still going to appreciate attention to detail. In fact, the folks who recognize a casino that has invested in its interior could end up being long-time patrons. With this in mind, KGM has designed the easy-egress Dual Player chair with a 22-inch seat height. With independent swivels, a customizable console, laser-cut base and a tech-friendly design among other offerings, guests will have all needs accounted for. For owners/operators who want to know that their investment is going to withstand the tests of time, most custom seating is constructed with durable aluminum and “zero-gravity” foam.

Appearance is everything: We’ve all walked into a casino, eatery or bar, took note of the tired décor and walked right out. This is a privilege for consumers; owners need to avoid this at all costs by reinvesting funds into their business. Given the thousands of dollars that are on the line daily, a casino that has taken stock of its offerings and decided to consult KGM for custom seating is going to benefit in the long run.