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Game Signage and Casino Signage by KGM Gaming


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Let us bring your ideas to life. KGM specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of interior & exterior gaming & retail signage. We strive to provide the most technological driven innovations in our industry, and offer creative casino, gaming, and retail signage packages that fully integrate into your gaming & retail environments. Our ability to create interactive and exciting casino signage is unparalleled. This allows you to bring your casino to life by creating a gaming world that keeps players energized and focused on the game. Are you ready to make a real impact? Let your imagination run wild; we'll be right there keeping up and making it a reality. Our expertise includes:

– Slot & table game signage

– Interior & exterior wayfinding

Large scale exterior monument & pylon signs

– LED reader boards

– ATM / TRU enclosures

– Custom content & animated graphics

Don't let your casino and gaming signage be an eyesore. As a casino owner your job is to create a world that enthralls and exhilarates players. Dull or old casino gaming and retail signage will not have the same power as new ones to make players feel like they are in a different world. A major draw for casinos is in fact the lighting and signage; this can be seen with some of the most famous casinos and their iconic signs. Recent technological improvements, along with our expertise, will provide you with gaming signage and slot signage that is incredible, and just a decade ago, almost unimaginable. For more information please call us at 215-430-0388 or you can contact our individual departments here.


Sunkist Graphics

image of Sunkist logo

In addition to our substantial in-house abilities, KGM is a licensed distributor of Sunkist Graphics in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maryland. We offer casino operators Sunkist’s vast array of state-of-the-art gaming products including glass conversion kits, sign refacing and Player Tracking Lexans. Whether you need to transform a tired casino floor, refresh game options or draw players to your slots, we have solutions that get noticed.

San Manuel Casino Floor Signage

image of San Manuel casino floor signage

KGM completed a project in which we produced and installed thirty-four casino signs in six weeks, meeting all of the budget requirements. We solved the challenge of varied machine heights by using height adjustable poles while utilizing a variety of materials, which included textured acrylics & metallic automotive finishes. These casino signs also include quick change denominational faces and four sided LCD carousel displays. These sign designs are sleek, modern and properly sized to help improve sightlines and egress throughout the San Manuel Casino property.