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What Casino Features Increase Guest Retention?

When it comes to casinos, there are lots of different aspects that continue to grab the attention of guests. People are attracted to plenty of things in casinos, so high guest retention is an easy feat to accomplish in the business.

Atmosphere and Décor

In almost any setting, the atmosphere that is established is what attracts your attention. In the case of casinos, the initial attractions are lights, sounds, and colors that are in place. When someone steps into a casino in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, or Las Vegas, they can immediately see that casinos have always been cenetered around showmanship and flashiness. In the case of physical décor, such as casino chairs, the labels on the games, and even the pattern on the carpet, it’s all meant to be eye-catching for the purpose of attracting customers.


One of the main attractions of casinos and casino cities is the variety. Whether it be the variety of games, the variety of casinos, or the variety of environments, it’s an extremely important aspect. Nobody enjoys doing the same thing over and over again, so it’s important to have a variety of features to keep guests busy. Even if the games are similar, it’s the variety of betting costs or buy-in prices that separate them, which give the guests a variety of gambling choices.

Other Activities

In order to keep somebody in a single place for an extended amount of time, there need to be places for them to eat, drink, and spend their winnings. In many casinos, there are restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping malls inside in order to keep guests busy while they’re not gambling. If they have something to do while they’re not gambling, it’ll increase their chances of staying put or coming back to the casino. Occasionally, casino trips are more than one day for the average guest, so giving them a variety of other activities to partake in will make them stay the entire time, or make them lifetime customers.

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