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What Are Some Basic Practices for Casino Digital Signage Design?

At KGM Gaming, we understand that your casino is trying to create a unique environment that is welcoming and exciting. Digital signage provides casinos with an opportunity to not only add life to their casino floor, but provide guests with key information about upcoming events, gaming promotions, and more. We have designed casino signage for…
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KGM Welcomes New Account Executive Kevin Reilly

PHILADELPHIA, PA (March 27, 2018) – KGM, a leading manufacturer and supplier for the gaming industry, is excited to welcome Kevin Reilly as the new Account Executive for West Coast operations and sales. He will work closely with casino operators in California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, and Kansas to ensure their goals and initiatives…
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Give your Players the Best Seats in the House

It’s been a busy few months here at KGM. Several of our casino clients in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions are wisely taking advantage of the slower winter season to refresh their casino spaces.  Our crews have been hard at work engineering all-new seating packages for two Pennsylvania clients: Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem and…
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How Can Casinos Better Compete with Online Gaming?

In the old days, anyone who wanted to play a slot or table game had to go to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or another area where casino gambling was legal. This meant that casino operators had less competition to deal with in order to meet their guests’ needs. Times have changed, though, and online gaming…
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Is it Time to Renovate Your Casino Floor?

Take a look at your casino floor. Can you spot chipped cabinetry, tattered upholstery and fading paint? Are you giving up valuable floor space to outdated games that are passed over in favor of newer, more engaging options? In today’s gaming industry, it’s imperative for casino operators to keep their casino floors updated and technologically-aligned.…
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What Makes a Slot Machine Stand Out?

When you think of a casino, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? There’s blackjack, poker, and then, of course, the slot machines. Slot machines are some of the most popular attractions in any casino, drawing people to them for an entire day, or even weekend. The main question everyone asks is, what keeps…
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What Casino Features Increase Guest Retention?

When it comes to casinos, there are lots of different aspects that continue to grab the attention of guests. People are attracted to plenty of things in casinos, so high guest retention is an easy feat to accomplish in the business. Atmosphere and Décor In almost any setting, the atmosphere that is established is what…
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KGM – Evolution of Table Games

One of the original casino and gambling attractions were table games. When a person thinks of casinos, yes, they think of slot machines. But table games, or a form of them, were what started it all. Today, with the continued evolution of the casino floor and the demand of the technology driven player, “hands-on” table…
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Interactive Gaming Systems Attracting Younger Players to Casinos

More and more casinos are adding interactive gaming systems in an effort to attract younger players. These interactive game consoles are appealing to younger players in casinos because they are comparable to video games that younger people love to play at home, school and in electronic stores. Games of Skill Can you imagine going to…
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Rivers Casino & Resort 2017

KGM slot bases and gaming signage make a splash at Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady is one of New York State’s first commercial casinos. Within two hours of its highly-anticipated opening, nearly 3,500 people had streamed onto the 50,000 square foot gaming floor. Those eager visitors were welcomed by a…
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