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3 Ways to Boost Excitement in Your Casino

Every business, regardless of industry, must remain competitive, fresh and cutting-edge in order to retain and gain customers. This common business principle certainly applies to casinos because they must brush off their dust to keep gaming exciting. Modern day gamers are looking for more than just a basic slot machine or card table to satisfy their desire to play. They want to get excited and enthusiastic over the game they are about to play, which brings us to the following three ways to boost excitement in your casino.

1. Offer new table games

AlfastreetDerbySome of the most iconic casino table games include Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold'em and Craps… but there are other table games out there that can revitalize the casino floor. While you may have the basics down, it's time to expand your table game offerings to generate new buzz and excitement! For instance, KGM is helping to bring Alfastreet Gaming products to North America, and as a supplier and distributor, KGM now offers Royal Derby, an interactive, multiplayer horse racing table game. The new table game offers the same excitement of a live horse race and gamers can place their bets on six mechanical horses to predict which horse will cross the finish line first. Players will be able to review each of the horse's strengths, weaknesses and past performances to help gauge their decision.

Another great table game to add excitement to the casino floor includes roulette… but this isn't the traditional game you're used to! KGM also supplies Alfastreet's R8 Electronic Roulette Game Stations where it sets itself apart from other electronic roulette games. The R8 features a real roulette wheel in the center that is flanked by eight individual gamer stations, which provide private touch screens, chip-free betting, simultaneous play capabilities and unsurpassed views of the roulette wheel. It's truly a step in the future as modern day gamers appreciate the evolving interactive playing environment.

 2. Introduce interactive games with lounge areas

_KMK3713-EditInteractive games are exploding in the casino industry and as the popularity of online and social gaming continues to increase, traditional casinos can compete by offering their players an interactive gaming experiencing. By implementing a strategy that incorporates interactive games with a lounge-styled environment, you'll give your players a comfortable and chic environment to play. It provides them with the ability to enjoy the latest game technology paired with more intimate experience in gaming lounges. By reshaping the boundaries of the traditional casino experience with interactive gaming lounges, you'll reap the rewards from excited players.

 3. Update Slot Bases

DSC_3047_smThe infamous slot machine has become lost on the game floor and updating the slot machine cabinets is vital to the success of a casino. The modern day player is expecting new and vibrant décor, making them want to take a seat and play for a while. If you are not creating an appealing atmosphere, you may be at risk of losing players. With that in mind, upgrade your slot machines for an aesthetically-pleasing gaming environment with the help of KGM.

Are you ready to boost the excitement in your casino?

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