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Evolution Through Innovation

KGM is a manufacturer and supplier of products that have groundbreaking impact on the gaming industry. Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and it all begins with you. We are inspired by what you need to grow your business. With a strong commitment to developing new technologies and designing better approaches, KGM provides its customers with the services and products they require to maintain their edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Let’s change the game. We have a wide array of products we offer which include: interactive gaming, millwork, gaming devices, casino signage slot bases, table games and more. Within each category we partner with the best artisans and developers to insure world class products that are visually stunning and last years under constant usage. With our interactive gaming we have an ever growing profile of games developed by world-class game developers. This means your casino will have a strong presence online both in the mobile department and on desktops. The online market is constantly growing; don't ignore this lucrative avenue for your casino.

At KGM we know the power of attractive casino signage and how important it is to have iconic pieces. Iconic signs can attract people to your casino and improve its visual appeal. Smart slot and table game signage also helps inform players of what's available within the casino. For first time visitors you want them to experience as much as possible, at least until they find a game which they truly enjoy. New and big casinos can be daunting to first time visitors so you need your casino to be laid out smartly so they don't feel overwhelmed. The signs can also improve the ambience and atmosphere of a casino, especially if you're aiming for a particular style.

We have dozens of years of experience at KGM Gaming and understand fully all of the background services required by casinos, too. If you need help with conversions, technical support, maintenance and more then we can provide you with world class service. Our testimonials are a perfect example of how pleased and impressed previous customers have been and all of them have been big name casinos. If you have further questions about any of our services or would like to talk with us in person please check out our contact page here to see which phone number or email you should use.